We design and build our furniture with very clear intention: to provide a timeless and much-loved addition to your home or business, built by hand to endure for generations.

As such, each piece is custom-built to your specifications, to your needs, your space, your lifestyle. We hand-select every piece of material, with deliberate vision and mindfulness of the end result.

So here’s how it works:

Browse the products we’ve previously designed and built.
Reach out to us!
If one of our portfolio pieces suits you as specified and pictured, great! We’ll let you know the expected lead time (typically 8-12 weeks), cost, and delivery options, and we’ll get to work.
If you like our sensibilities and are inspired by our aesthetic, ask us to design something new. The vast majority of our works were borne of conversations and notions, descriptions and site visits. And new designs are priced comparably to the existing pieces.

Or, we might need to have a few conversations to tweak an existing design (move a door, add a drawer, change the legs,…), provide a few additional drawings, look at a few samples for certainty, or talk about recommendations for a style or wood species appropriate for your home. This is a piece of furniture that will live with you for years and years to come; you need to be overjoyed when it arrives. And this up-front work ensures you are.

You can also feel free to present us with a design or an idea you may have in mind. We’re always happy to collaborate.

Once we’ve settled on a design, we request a deposit of 65% of the total product cost in order to begin work. Once your deposit is received, we will confirm a timeline and keep you apprised of the progress as we approach completion. Upon receipt of the finished piece, we collect the remaining balance due.

We use only domestic materials (U.S.-grown and -made), and do everything we can to minimize consumption and waste. This is not a marketing effort. It’s simply what we’ve been doing since the inception of our business.
Every species or material you see on our site is available, and the employment thereof can be applied to any design, with very few exceptions. If you’d prefer to have your Transatlantic table made in White Oak instead of Black Walnut, no problem. Just ask.

If you live outside the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, we enlist a professional delivery service to bring your piece(s) from our shop to your home or office. We use only “white glove” service*. We do not mark up our shipping fees, and we’re always happy to be entirely transparent about these costs we incur.

We pride ourselves on not only the highest-quality workmanship and attention to detail, but on the utmost integrity and honesty in our interactions and communications with our clients, partners, and vendors. Should you ever have a question or concern, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We look forward to working with you!

*White glove service: The delivery people hand-wrap your piece(s), load it on their truck, drive it as far as it needs to go, carry it in, unpack it, place it where you wish, and remove all packing materials. It’s as easy for you as it can be. We have had great success with this method, and it’s more affordable than “crate and freight”!